What’s natural about injecting Botox & Fillers? For one, Botox is derived from the naturally occurring bacterium called botulinum. It is diluted in about 99% saline (salt water), so only a minuscule amount is directly injected into a muscle to temporarily relax it—preventing & softening wrinkles. Botox is not absorbed & accumulated in ours bodies in excess like that of a typical daily anti-aging skincare routine. The Dermal Fillers that I use are Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in gel form. HA is a naturally occurring component of our skin that attracts water, thus boosting plump, with natural moisture retention. Like Botox, HA filler is also precisely injected to add lost volume—not systemically absorbed in the way that skincare products are when applied daily. Of note, on average women use 12 different skincare and/or cosmetic products everyday—adding up to at least 100 chemical exposures to our bodies from personal care alone. In the grand scheme of things, this daily exposure is more significant than a pinpoint injection of a tiny amount of bacterium or HA gel a few times a year. Bottom line? Our chemical exposure from personal care products is linked by decades of research to a rise in cancer, asthma, allergies, infertility, birth defects, & environmental pollution. Botox and fillers are not.

That being said, who should stay away from these treatments? Those pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive are not eligible for either. We just do not have the research in this population to confirm fetal safety. 

Lastly, Botox and fillers can–and should–always LOOK natural and preserve/enhance YOU, not replicate an instagram model. Remember, the best injectable is un-de-tectable and rooted in evidence-based methods to empower and embolden your natural confidence. 





Author Kim Suvak Warden Kim Suvak Warden, NP, is the founder and sole provider at KSW Medical Aesthetics in Medford, Massachusetts. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a background in health and wellness, urgent and primary care. She has spent the last decade researching and documenting critical links to rising disease rates and our exposure to unregulated chemical ingredients–many of which, reside in our daily personal care products. Her mission is to educate and empower consumers to make better beauty choices, while supporting the national movement for ingredient oversight and legislation. Clinical-grade skincare does not have to come at a cost to your health or your wallet.

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